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Hi! My name is Aggi and I’m a social media producer and news assistant at Weekend All Things Considered. I handle social media for the show and produce pieces for air. I also handle editorial social media elements for Michel Martin’s live event series. I started at NPR as an intern for the Social Media Desk in 2015.

How did you become an NPR intern?

NPR was the first internship I got out of college. I wasn’t a journalism major, which stumps a lot of people, but I worked in student media at Louisiana State University. That's where I got a large chunk of my early journalism experience. I was surprised that I got the internship mainly because I had actually been rejected when I applied for a few NPR internships the year before. It never hurts to reapply for something that you really want!

What was your internship experience like?

During my internship on the Social Media Desk, I worked on multimedia series with both the National Desk and what was then known as the Identity and Culture Unit. I also led Snapchat tutorials for reporters and producers throughout the newsroom. Even beyond my social media duties, I was encouraged to pitch ideas to editors for potential blog posts and even picked up audio editing skills. I was allowed to explore my interests and tailor my own internship experience which was a dream.

What was the best part of your internship experience?

A senior-level producer took time to teach me everything I know about audio production while I was an intern for a completely different department. It’s still crazy to me that I’m being given opportunities to produce elements for a national show considering I didn’t know anything about producing for radio a year ago. My experience is a testament to the idea that people here truly care about your growth during your internship and beyond. There’s also a training team full of awesome people that focus all their time on helping us hone our skills.

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