Role: Local Host, All Things Considered at WNYC | Legal Analyst at NYPR

1.       What’s the best professional decision you’ve ever made?

Remaining open to all opportunities rather than locked in on a particular goal or ambition.

2.       What’s something you’ve learned from a professional setback or challenge?

To never take professional rejection personally

3.       What is one thing you wish you would’ve known “then”?

That true success requires freedom from subjective scrutiny

4.       How have you leveraged experiences you’ve had and connections you’ve made at NABJ/NAHJ conferences?

This business (and life) is all about relationships. It starts with organizations like NABJ.

5.       What’s one of your favorite public media stories, podcasts, shows or series? Why?

Can I say Sesame Street?  Okay then, the grown-up version: There Goes The Neighborhood.  Because even as Sesame Street moved to HBO and fired Bob, Gordon and Luis in the process, There Goes The Neighborhood took an in depth and human look at gentrification in New York City – developers, the Mayor’s office and, most of all, the people on the ground affected by New York City’s new affordable housing plan.

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