Role: Associate Producer & Weekend Editor, NPR

1. What’s the best professional decision you’ve ever made?

This question is a bit challenging for me, as it’s not a single decision, but rather two professional decisions that shaped my career for the better. The first was leaving my native Barbados and all my family and dear friends to move to the U.S. to further my academic qualifications. The second decision was leaving the city I’d called home for a decade – New York –  the network I’d built there and the families to which I’d been “adopted” to join the digital news staff at NPR HQ. I accepted a position that I consider my dream job, as it allows me to apply the skills and experience I acquired over my career in all of the areas I absolutely enjoy working: reporting and writing, editing, producing, social media and homepage engagement. I learn every day on the job and though my role may be small, I feel like I’m part of a team that's doing something big and amazing in this world. It’s an immense honor to work with the brilliant and talented team at NPR and I count it a blessing that this is the job I awake to come to every day.

2. What’s something you’ve learned from a professional setback or challenge?

Perhaps, the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from a professional setback is that such moments are a blessing in the storm, that better awaits me and to simply use that setback as a stepping stone and push myself to get past whatever hurdles may come my way.

3. What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known “then”?

Oh man, how much space do we have?

There are so many things I wish I would have known “then!” It’s hard to narrow this down, but I wish that the younger me had been better informed of the journalism landscape in the U.S. prior to moving here. I would have suffered less of a culture shock.

4. How have you leveraged experiences you’ve had and connections you’ve made at NABJ/NAHJ conferences?

Unfortunately, though I’ve attended NABJ events in NYC, I’ve never been privileged to attend an actual conference. I endeavor to change that in the near future.

5. What’s one of your favorite public media stories, podcasts, shows or series? Why?

Do I have to list just ONE? *insert eye emoji* Come on, you know there are too many to just say one!

I’ll be biased and say Weekend All Things Considered and Weekend Edition top my favorite public media shows because those are the two I work with as part of NPR’s digital news weekend team. It’s an absolute delight working with those shows. I’m constantly being informed and entertained by both the staff and the content they provide.  Another favorite of mine is Invisibilia because it makes me think of things in ways I’d never consider and it totally appeals to my quirky and inquisitive nature. I’m also enjoying the Code Switch podcast so far, as it raises a lot of issues that affect me and or people who share similar cultural experiences.

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