As you build your #AAJA18 conference schedule, consider adding sessions led by or including public media professionals. Check out the session roundup below prepared by the #ThinkPublicMedia team.

Thursday, August 9

Queer Voices in AAPI Media 
9 to 10:30 AM
Hear from emerging queer voices who are telling their stories in podcasting, film and other outlets. From the challenges they face to how they're changing the media narratives to include their voices, learn how to bring attention to these types of stories and how the spaces for these stories are evolving and growing in the media.
Speakers: Tobin Low, Co-host and Co-managing editor of "Nancy," NY Public Radio; Kathy Tu, Host, "Nancy," WNYC; Patrick G Lee, freelancer filmmaker and journalist

Crafting a Narrative
Fort Bend
9 to 10:30 AM
The appetite for digital narratives continues to thrive and continuously progress how journalists tell stories. From creating an interactive experience to producing a long-form podcast, the numerous mediums for longform storytelling necessitate strategic thinking to create a compelling narrative. This session will explore new formats of narrative storytelling and walk through the process, from pitch to execution.
Speakers include Jim Schachter, Vice President of News, WNYC, and Lauren Young, Science Journalist and Digital Producer, Science Friday

Career Fair
Expo Hall
9 AM to 6 PM

MMJ Life: Surviving and Thriving
Fort Bend
2 to 3:30 PM
Being a multimedia journalist is tough but it's the reality of television news. This session will inspire journalists to embrace being a multimedia journalist. The panel will share tips and tricks on being an MMJ including how to spice up your creativity, how to get good lighting on the go and how to build a reel that will get you noticed.
Speakers include Elise Hu, International Correspondent at NPR

#ProTip: Speak Up: Voice Coaching Workshop
Expo Hall Stage
3:30 to 4 PM
Bring your scripts and be ready to share your story. This workshop will explore the fundamentals of voice storytelling and how to express the essence of a story’s thesis. Expect tips and daily exercises to cultivate a unique voice and bring out the best storytelling.
Hosted by Niala Boodhoo, Startup Host/EP, The 21st, Illinois Public Media

Public Media Village Reception
7 to 9 PM
Stop by the Think Public Media booth at the Career Fair to learn how you can be invited to the Public Media Village Reception! The reception will be a time for networking, talking about careers in public media and meeting other conference attendees. Light refreshments will be provided.

Friday, August 10

Career Fair
Expo Hall
9 AM to 6 PM

Voices Presentation
River Oaks AB
3 PM to 4:30 PM
Now in its 28th year, AAJA Voices trains the next generation of journalists - journalists who produce quality editorial work, who understand the larger impact their work has on society, and who are deeply engaged with driving the direction of the industry. Many Voices students have gone on to succeed in other internships and journalism programs, to work and thrive in many of your newsrooms and to serve in leadership positions in both AAJA and other professional news organizations. The 2018 class has spent all summer working to produce in-depth news projects covering issues important to the AAPI community. Come meet the outstanding students and hear about their reporting. 
Voicess Faculty Mentors: Alyssa Jeong Perry, Health Reporter, KPBS; Kris Vera-Phillips, Senior News Producer, KPBS

POC Podcasts in the Era of Identity-Based Journalism
4 to 5:30 PM
With podcasts’ rise in popularity comes the rise in identity-based shows. In this session, panelists will discuss how they create shows that speak to marginalized identities in a way that isn’t reductive, how they honor their own experiences, and how they manage to reach wider audiences beyond their own identity groups.
Speakers include Kat Chow, Reporter, NPR's Code Switch