As you build your #AAJA17 schedule, consider adding sessions led by or including public media professionals.

Check out the session roundup below prepared by the #ThinkPublicMedia team:

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Thursday, July 27


How to Make Local Journalism Thrive in the Digital Era

(featuring KPBS News’ Kris Vera-Phillips)

Local news plays an invaluable role as a community watchdog. But with shrinking local newsrooms and big media's increasing focus on big, national news, how do we sustain civic- and community-minded journalism across the country? Leaders from local news outlets share their advice and insight.



Normalizing Diversity: How to Create a Culture of Hiring and Retaining Journalists of Color in Your Company

(Moderated by NPR Ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen)

Let's talk about why and how you can hire and retain diverse talent. A discussion for and by managers on promoting minorities, falling short, the pipeline problem and inequality.

Friday, July 28



Get Woke! How to Combat Diversity Issues in the Workplace

(featuring NPR VP for Diversity in News and Operations Keith Woods)

Our panel will help you come up with constructive, practical ways to cope with diversity issues in the workplace. How do you combat mansplaining? When you see racism, sexism or bias in the workplace, how can you call it out gracefully and without escalating a situation? A discussion tackling being vocal, your colleague's perception of you, and choosing between being right and being quiet.



Lessons From Photographing Standing Rock

(Moderated by NPR Visuals Editor Ariel Zambelich)

Presented by AAJA Photojournalists

The Standing Rock protests were about an underrepresented minority group's fight to protect their primary water supply against the government. It was a difficult story to cover– the remote location, cold weather condition and competing resources in newsrooms. Our panel of photographers share their experience and explore this case study of overcoming challenges to produce a compelling visual story.



Pitching Race and Identity Stories for a Mainstream Audience

(Featuring This American Life Producer Stephanie Foo)

The United States is headed toward a multiethnic, linguistically plural and increasingly racially mixed society. Finding and telling the stories that help shape that reality is chief among the challenges facing today’s journalists, as is addressing visibility in the media for AAPIs. We'll explore all of the above at this participatory workshop and panel.

The program will kick off with a 45-minute panel, followed by a workshop. Participants will be encouraged to bring one-paragraph pitches that will be workshopped in the latter part of the session.

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